During my senior year of high school, I took AP Studio Art: 2D Design and created a portfolio of 24 pieces. I chose to try my hand at digital design, so I used Adobe Photoshop for the majority of these and used the Procreate app for the hand-drawn pieces. My concentration (a multipurpose investigation of one topic) was music, so half of my portfolio features music album covers for different genres of music. The other half represents the breadth section, and illustrates a range of different ideas and approaches to art. Working on these pieces for an entire schoolyear taught me the ins and outs of Photoshop, and sparked an interest in digital design.
Brain Infographic Alternative Music Album Tiger Graphic EDM Music Album Hip Hop Music Album Variety Show Flyer Heavy Metal Album Makeup Graphic Afremov Inspired Landscape Exhaustion Light in the Dark
Country Music Album Classical Music Album Flamenco Music Album Indian Music Album Techno Music Album Fillmore Style Poster Jazz Album Pop Music Album Still Life Imagination